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Dainty Drop Kyanite Earrings


Add a touch of dainty sophistication to your look with our exquisite drop earrings. These stunning accessories effortlessly elevate any outfit with their timeless charm and delicate design.

  • Properties, Healing Effects, and Lore: Our Kyanite is from the mountainous region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and formed from the immense pressure of continental collision. Kyanite is a stone known to address properties of everyday life, as it aligns and balances all the chakras. The compounding effects of Kyanite are suggested to amplify psychic abilities which dispel mental barriers, encourage communication, clairvoyance, honesty, and breaking negative cycles. Ultimately, fostering an environment to speak one’s truth in trying times.
  • Birthstone: N/A
  • Zodiac:  Often associated with Aries & Taurus 
  • Source:  Kyanite originates from Brazil and Uruguay.


    **We use natural stones and pearls so each stone/pearl will have slightly varied shape, hue, marking, pattern, size. You are truly getting a one of a kind piece of jewelry! 


    Material: Kyanite, Sterling Silver

    Size: 12x8mm Drop Stone

    Backing: Leverback